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> > That's not correct. My HP laser AIO can scan to email, a network
> > folder or a USB stick.
> > 
> >   
> Just downloaded an AIO manual (3050 series). It says the functionality
> is Windows only, and needs to be configured using a Windows program.
> Okay, that's probably bullshit, but ...

Maybe that's true of that model, but it's certainly not true of all HP
AIO devices.
> The Dell is programmed via its web interface, and will scan to any CIFS
> share.

As can my HP.
> But as I say, I'm sure when I've investigated in the past, it's always
> required software on the computer to do the scan or email - oh - the AIO
> manual says they can scan TO AN EMAIL PROGRAM. They can't "scan to
> email" as I understand it ... it sounds like it fires up Outlook or
> whatever, and sticks the scan in as an attachment. It doesn't sound like
> it will talk to an email server and send an email with the scan
> attached.

Then why does the configuration web interface ask for the mail server

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