I have a coyple of files on my harddisk and on a mobile usb-disc.

Their names are of that pattern:


where 'soemthing' can be totally different from file to file and
'<checksum>' is a checksum, which does not match the checksum of the
according file.

I want to delete the files on my harddisk, which has a '<checksum>'
which matches the '<checksum>' of the according file on the mobile 

The problem arises from a line of the shellscript I wrote.

    # code to extract the checksum from the file and put into
    # a variable named crc

    if [ -f <path to the mount point of the mobile disk>/*$crc* ] ; then

        # remove file on PC harddisk here


As soon the file is not found, the script ends with an 'Not found'
error, which '-f' is exactly for, because the expanding comes before
the '-f'...

So I need something else or a try-catch-thingy to make that work...but

Or do I miss the forest for the trees here... ;)

Thanks a lot for the forest in advance!

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