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All the more reason to avoid the ME/PSP garbage and instead buy the equivalently priced, owner controlled and higher performance OpenPOWER arch systems such as the libre firmware TALOS 2.

Pretty much someone found a bug in AMD's version of ME which *how terrible* in other words you can use this to defeat hollywoods AMD PSP DRM which is the true reason of existence for ME/PSP, to prevent people from owning and controlling their devices.

I can't believe the new normal is not being able to really buy a mainstream computer because you don't own it and everyone in the tech press and so called experts says its a good thing, oh it is to "keep you safe from hackers" and they pretend like it has always been this way as if it wasn't just a recent change that for some reason all the major OEM's did at the exact same time....I wonder why.

"The corporate sector asked for this" - MYTH - They already had it, it is a BMC/LOM chip and it was owner controlled. I doubt any company with IP worth something wants a super insecure black box supervisor processor that they don't control on every computer of theirs.

If you need secure remote management you can use OpenBMC which is present on the TALOS 2 (IBM OpenBMC) and also the KCMA-D8 and KGPE-D16 pre-PSP x86 boards (you can replace the crappy non-free ASUS firmware on the ASMB module with the facebook version of OpenBMC which was recently ported to it via crowdfunding)

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