"The new guidance
issued April 2, adds a “stopped” status to Intel’s “production status”
category in its array of available Meltdown and Spectre
security updates. "Stopped" indicates there will be no microcode patch to
kill off Meltdown and Spectre."

" "Stopped" CPUs that won’t therefore get a fix are in the Bloomfield,
Bloomfield Xeon, Clarksfield, Gulftown, Harpertown Xeon C0 and E0, Jasper
Forest, Penryn/QC, SoFIA 3GR, Wolfdale, Wolfdale Xeon, Yorkfield, and
Yorkfield Xeon families. The new list includes various Xeons, Core CPUs,
Pentiums, Celerons, and Atoms – just about everything Intel makes.

Most the CPUs listed above are oldies that went on sale between 2007 and

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