2018-04-06 2:10 GMT+03:00 Grant Taylor <gtay...@gentoo.tnetconsulting.net>:
> On 04/05/2018 03:51 AM, gevisz wrote:
>> Yes, the Host is running Windows.
> Seeing as how both the ""Host and the ""Client are running Windows, I would
> think seriously about trying to leverage Windows' built in VPN capabilities.
> The following things come to mind:
>  - (raw) IPSec - this might be somewhat challenging b/c reasons
>  - L2TP+IPSec - probably less challenging b/c of wizards
>  - PPTP - just don't unless you haveto
> I'd encourage your friend to check out the VPN capabilities built into
> Windows.  He may need to install / configure (R)RAS to enable the features.

Thank you for your advice. He is currently trying to set up RAS with SSTP but
RAS client so far cannot log into the server, while a third party VPN just works
(until the remote computer hangs for so far unknown reason that even may not
be connected with the VPN server).

We will continue to experiment to find the reason.

> In my experience, using native features that come from the software vendor
> is often simpler to maintain long term.

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