I was wondering how the OpenRC dependencies between start scripts work.

Basically, I have two network interfaces on my laptop (wlp3s0 and
enp0s20u2u3 for wireless and ethernet respectively).  When I start the
wireless interface service (rc-service net.wlp3s0 start) the OpenVPN
service starts and vice versa.  That's great, but I didn't configure
that anywhere.

What's even worse is that when I'm not connected via WiFi (i.e.
ethernet), the VPN service won't start because net.wlp3s0 isn't started:

# rc-service net.enp0s20u2u3 start
# ...
# rc-service openvpn.mullvad_at start
# rc-service openvpn.mullvad_at start
openvpn.mullvad_at| * Caching service dependencies ...                  [ ok ]
net.wlp3s0        | * Bringing up interface wlp3s0
net.wlp3s0        | *   Starting wpa_supplicant on wlp3s0 ...
net.wlp3s0        |Successfully initialized wpa_supplicant              [ ok ]
openvpn.mullvad_at| * WARNING: openvpn.mullvad_at will start when net.wlp3s0 
has started
net.wlp3s0        | *   Starting wpa_cli on wlp3s0 ...                  [ ok ]
net.wlp3s0        | *   Backgrounding ... ...
net.wlp3s0        | * WARNING: net.wlp3s0 has started, but is inactive

Why would it do that, can I configure this anywhere?

Thanks for your help


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