I know of a few deployment automation solutions. I feel partial to Rex.

The main alternative that springs to mind is doing it all in either
bash or Python.

Has anyone given thought to a problem like this? I want to avoid doing
something like Android does, where I have repositories for each board,
and then a huge repository of repositories, and everything slowly
turns into molasses.

I need to keep:
  *) U-boot configuration.
  *) Kernel configuration.
  *) Root file system or stage 3.
  *) Stage 3 configuration, a.k.a. stage 4.

I need to be able to:
  *) Compile u-boot automatically.
  *) Compile the kernel automatically.
  *) Compile the stage 3.
  *) Generate the stage 4.
  *) Generate a bootable image.
  *) Maintain the stage 4 configuration as easily as possible.

Some of these are almost entirely covered by crossdev, others are
trivial scripting tasks. The hard part is finding something that has
tied most of this together in a way that is passable already.


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