On 9/11/19 4:33 PM, Grant Edwards wrote:
On 2019-09-11, Raffaele Belardi <raffaele.bela...@st.com> wrote:
After my recent switch from Gnome to XFCE (both ~amd64) transferring
files from the smartphone to the desktop via USB/MTP has become
unbearably slow. From my understanding both Gnome (Nautilus?) and Thunar
use gnome-base/gvfs which with mtp USE flag pulls in media-libs/libmtp
so I don't understand why this big change in behavior. Any hints?
I've tried a number of MTP implementations on Linux, and none of them
have proven stable and reliable.  IMO, you're better off installing an
ssh/scp server and using sftp or sshfs.

IIRC, there's a farily extensive recent thread on this.

What disturbs me is that the same hardware combo worked fine with Gnome till one month ago, it broke only when I switched to XFCE so it must be a software configuration issue.

Command line would be fine for me but not for the kids.


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