As some know from another thread, I installed and started using
veracrypt.  It has the option to use the kernel encryption tools but
they are not enabled on my kernel, just the default stuff.  I found what
I think to be the ones veracrypt wants to use but was curious if I
should enable some others that are commonly used.  For all I know, it
may make my web browsers faster or something else I'm not aware of.  I
may one day encrypt my /home or something too.  I'm not even sure what
tools that would require but I've thought about it.  As I mentioned, I
enabled the ones with AES in the name. That seems to be what veracrypt
uses.  What are some others that are commonly used that I should
enable?  Maybe something other software would run faster with if the
kernel was dealing with it instead of software code. 

I don't want to list all the options because there is a LOT of them.  I
figure someone already knows the most common ones and can share what
they have.  Even a zcat of a running config showing encryption modules
will be fine.  Anything that would help me find them.

Thanks much.


:-)  :-) 

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