On 2020-05-21, Ashley Dixon <a...@suugaku.co.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 02:21:26PM -0000, Grant Edwards wrote:

>> Google has found various references to 'croppdf' which is included
>> in a package of texlive extra utilities on Ubuntu.  Gentoo seems
>> have 38 different 'texlive' ebuilds.  Is there any way to tell
>> which (if any) contains croppdf?
> You can use the e-file command from app-portage/pfl to check which
> package in Portage provides a specific file---including binaries.
> Emerge pfl and run `e-file pdfcrop`.

Yep.  It looks like pdfcrop from texlive-core will do what I want.  It
would have helped if I hadn't trasmuted "pdfcrop" to "croppdf" when I
was searching for info!

I initially just trield downloading pdfcrop.pl and running it without
texlive installed, but it relies on texpdf.


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