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> I love YaKuake.  It's better than Kuake in that it's just Konsole on a
> miniblinds widget.  It's superior because of its ultra-accessibility.
> Anywhere you can just hit your key combination and *pop* there's trusty old
> YaKuake.  It supports multiple console tabs, which is almost a total
> necessity in my point of view.

Just a little info you might like if you are a keycombo fan.

Get xbindkeys and call any app with your own keycombos.  Its on

However, the cool thing with yakuake is that it hides.  It's not in
the system tray, it's persistent, and out of the way.  I've been able
to type commands and stuff from internet sites into YaKuake without
having to mess with windows sizes.  It's really quite nice.

You'll need to start it with X in whatever way your x allows one to do

One problem can be setting combos that kde or whatever wants.

Yah, I'm trying to beat KDE into letting Kompose handle alt+tab
commands, but it's not going so well.  I may have to hack, which will
be fun, but I'm hoping I won't have to.

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