Hi everyone.

When I emerge subversion, i get the following error:

checking for availability of Berkeley DB... no
configure: error: Berkeley DB 4.0.14 wasn't found.

!!! Please attach the following file when seeking support:
 * ERROR: dev-util/subversion-1.5.0_rc5 failed.

Here is the output of eix sys-libs/db:

[D] sys-libs/db
     Available versions:
        (1)     *1.85-r1 1.85-r3
        (3)     3.2.9-r11
        (4.2)   4.2.52_p4-r2
        (4.3)   4.3.29-r2
        (4.4)   (~)4.4.20_p4
        (4.5)   4.5.20_p2
        (4.6)   (~)4.6.19 (~)4.6.21
        {bootstrap doc elibc_FreeBSD java nocxx tcl test}
     Installed versions:  4.3.29-r2(4.3)(02:52:26 04/20/07)(-bootstrap
-doc -elibc_FreeBSD -java -nocxx -tcl -test)
                          4.5.20_p2(4.5)(22:43:07 04/14/08)(-bootstrap
-doc -elibc_FreeBSD -java -nocxx -tcl -test)
                          4.6.21_p1(4.6)(20:12:09 06/07/08)(-bootstrap
-doc -elibc_FreeBSD -java -nocxx -tcl -test)
     Description:         Oracle Berkeley DB

I'm running ~x86, so I don't expect things to always work. Is this a
bug, or is there something else wrong?

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