Climate Engineering News Review for Week 39 of 2016

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

 19.09.2016, Lecture: The Competing Imaginaries of Solar Geoengineering, 
Cambridge / USA

 28.09.2016, Lecture: The Legal Terrain for Direct Air Capture in the United 
States and Internationally, Arizona State University/USA

·          <> 28.-30.09.2016, Conference: 
Closing the Carbon Cycle: Fuels from Air, Arizona State University/USA

 30.09.2016, (Deadline) Job: PhD student with a degree in physics, chemistry, 
environmental sciences or a related field for a three-year position. Topic: 
Stratospheric Ozone Loss in Midlatitudes in Summer − a Potential Risk of 
Climate Engineering?

·         (new) 18.10.2016 
 , Workshop: Creating an Ecosystem for a Carbon Balanced Planet, San Francisco 

 24.-25.11.2016, Workshop: SPP 1689 Workshop on the 1.5°C Target and Climate 

06.12.2016, Lecture: Geoengineering climate change: do two wrongs make a 
right?, Newcastle / UK

 12.-16.12.2016, AGU Fall Meeting with various CE sessions

·          <> 
06.01.2017, Presentation: An Economic Anatomy of Climate Management 
Technologies and Policies, Chicago/USA

 28.02.2017, Call for Papers: Organizing and the Anthropocene, Special Issue of 


New Publications

·         Geden, Oliver (2016) 
<> : The Paris Agreement 
and the inherent inconsistency of climate policymaking

·         McLaren, Duncan; et al. (2016) <> : 
Public conceptions of justice in climate engineering. evidence from secondary 
analysis of public deliberation (in press)

·         Lockley, Andrew; Coffman, D’Maris (2016) 
<> : Distinguishing morale hazard from moral 
hazard in geoengineering

·         Moriyama, Ryo; et al. (2016) 
<> : The cost of 
stratospheric climate engineering revisited


Selected Media Responses

·         taz 
<!5335477&s=werder&SuchRahmen=Print/> : If one 
knows that damaging then it must be forbidden (German)

·         Center for Carbon Removal 
Newsletter Sept 15

·         Oxford Martin Opinion 
<> : CO2 capture may be our 
only option for stabilising temperatures - we need to find out the costs, fast

·         Climate Central 
 : CO2, Climate Change Seen As Waste Disposal Challenge


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