Climate Engineering News Review for Week 43 of 2016

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

dium=social&> 18.10.2016,
Workshop: Creating an Ecosystem for a Carbon Balanced Planet, San Francisco

·         (new) 19.10.2016
<> , Seminar:
New Challenges in Governing Geoengineering, Cambridge / USA

mate-engineering-and-oxygen-homeostasis-and-disease/> 20.10.2016, Lecture:
ETH Science Talks – Critical Thinking, Climate Engineering, and Oxygen
Homeostasis and Disease

_PDFs/workshop_nov16_schedule.pdf> 24.-25.11.2016, Workshop: SPP 1689
Workshop on the 1.5°C Target and Climate Engineering

06.12.2016, Lecture: Geoengineering climate change: do two wrongs make a
right?, Newcastle / UK

ry-assessments-of-radiation-management-geoengineering.html> 12.-16.12.2016,
AGU Fall Meeting with various CE sessions

·          <>
06.01.2017, Presentation: An Economic Anatomy of Climate Management
Technologies and Policies, Chicago/USA

and-the-anthropocene/> 28.02.2017, Call for Papers: Organizing and the
Anthropocene, Special Issue of 'Organization'



·         ( <> no deadline) Jobs
at the Center for Carbon Removal

·         (new) 01.12.2016 <>
(deadline), Job: Tenure-track in climate sciences at Georgia Institute of

·          <>
15.12.2016 (deadline), Job: Post-Doctoral Economics Fellow at the Keith


New Publications

·         Anderson, K.; Peters, G. (2016)
<> : The trouble with
negative emissions

·         Zhao, Liyun; et al. (2016)
<> : Glacier evolution
in high mountain Asia under stratospheric sulfate aerosol injection


Selected Media Responses

·         the guardian
etween-ambition-and-action-in-tackling-global-warming> : The gap between
ambition and action in tackling global warming

·         University of Bristol Law School Blog
the-eus-regulation-of-geoengineering-research/> : Maximising the Legitimacy
of the EU’s Regulation of Geoengineering Research

·         Socialist Action
-mad-desperation/> : Geoengineering the Climate: An Act of Mad Desperation

·         Motherboard <> :
The Sky, Falling

·         LawSci Forum
intellectual-property/> : Solar Climate Engineering and Intellectual

·         Washington Post
-warn/?utm_term=.a4414fab12ad> : We’re placing far too much hope in pulling
carbon dioxide out of the air, scientists warn

·         the guardian
et-paris-goals-uk-committee-climate-change> : UK must focus on carbon
removal to meet Paris goals, climate advisers urge

·         Daily Mail
technologies-needed-meet-climate-goals-experts-warn.html> : Greenhouse gas
removal technologies needed to meet climate goals, experts warn

·         Süddeutsche Zeitung
<> :
The 1.5-Degree-Question (German)

·         CSC
ta-tuholta> : Will geoengineering save us from a certain doom?



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