I'm designing a survey on attitudes to CE, and I'm trying to simplify the
costs estimates by making it per person per year. I've put $1 for SRM and
$100 for CDR - but it occurs to me that this is really very complicated.
Has anyone done any proper research on this? I can't find anything...

Typically, SRM is costed on a program basis (bn/yr globally) but CDR is
costed per tonne (and volumes are highly variable).

Issues to roll into this calculation are
* population growth
* future emissions (CDR gets a lot more expensive, if you're still emitting)
* whether temperature stabilises or reduces - and how fast
* experience/cost curve for each approach
* how much heterogeneity to expect (it's likely impractical to expect only
a single CDR to do everything)

There are probably other factors. This strikes me as something that's
sufficiently useful to be worked up into a paper.


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