Poster's note: This organisation has been a very vocal commentator on
geoengineering, over the years. My personal interpretation of their stance
is that they're hard-left/neo-luddite (or, at least, they have been, in the
relatively recent past).

These vacancies may appeal to list members keen either to comply with the
organisation's norms, or who may seek to change them.

ETC is Hiring

*ETC Group is hiring!* Come join our small and dynamic team, working
closely across continents on socioeconomic and ecological issues
surrounding new technologies.  We are currently looking to fill *3


   *Global Operations Director* (read full posting
   under the general direction of the Co-Executive Directors, the Global
   Operations Director ensures the effective functioning of ETC Group’s
   international offices and is accountable for overseeing the organization’s
   administrative operations. This position would be based in Montreal or
   Val-David, Canada or Davao City, Philippines (3/4 to full-time).


   *Part-time Administrative Assistant*(read full posting
   this position concerns the provision of administrative and logistical
   support to the Co-Executive Director in Val-David, QC (approx.15 hours a


   *Programme Manager *(read full posting
   in collaboration with colleagues, the programme manager is responsible for
   developing and delivering ETC Group’s research, writing, outreach, lobbying
   and campaigning activities (Full-time).

To be considered, applications *must be submitted by April 2*.

ETC Group works to address the socioeconomic and ecological issues
surrounding new technologies that could have an impact on the world’s
poorest and most vulnerable people. We investigate ecological erosion
(including the erosion of cultures and human rights); the development of
new technologies (especially agricultural but also other technologies that
work with genomics and matter); and we monitor global governance issues
including corporate concentration and trade in technologies. We mostly
operate at the level of global institutions.

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