Hey Andrew, this approach would not be smart from a termination shock point 
of view. If you were to start SRM at a high degree of cooling, whether by 
volcano or by aeroplane, you would miss out on being able to check for side 
effects while slowing ramping up the system.  Immediately turning SRM up to 
11 skips that period and so increases the chance of political grievances 
over nasty side effects.


Also I don’t see that using volcanoes as an SRM springboard offers any 
advantage aside from a time-limited, introductory offer of getting your 
first two years of cooling for free. But, as you note, you lose the choice 
over when SRM would start. Better to pay a little more to start SRM when 
you wanted and to use any upcoming volcanic cooling as a chance to study 
the environmental impacts, I think.


On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 5:38:24 AM UTC+1, Andrew Lockley wrote:
> Hi
> Volcanoes cause sudden cooling. This could be used to start 
> geoengineering. 
> There's been a lot of discussion on termination shock, but the concept of 
> reverse termination shock (or volcanic start) has not had widespread 
> exposure. 
> I've also seen significant discussion of a volcanic eruption during 
> geoengineering, but I've never seen the idea suggested of using a volcano 
> to start geoengineering.
> The logic is fairly straightforward : if a volcano causes a lot of 
> cooling, you can just carry on with the cooling artificially. 
> In the next few decades there's potentially going to be a volcano that 
> causes 0.5-2C cooling. This is potentially a good time to start - although 
> we won't know when it will be.
> Thoughts are welcome 
> Andrew 

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