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Open Access
Towards legitimacy of the solar geoengineering research enterprise
Peter C. Frumhoff, Jennie C. Stephens
Published 2 April 2018.DOI:10.1098/rsta.2016.0459

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Mounting evidence that even aggressive reductions in net emissions of
greenhouse gases will be insufficient to limit global climate risks is
increasing calls for atmospheric experiments to better understand the risks
and implications of also deploying solar geoengineering technologies to
reflect sunlight and rapidly lower surface temperatures. But solar
geoengineering research itself poses significant environmental and
geopolitical risks. Given limited societal awareness and public dialogue
about this climate response option, conducting such experiments without
meaningful societal engagement could galvanize opposition to solar
geoengineering research from civil society, including the most climate
vulnerable communities who are among its intended beneficiaries. Here, we
explore whether and how a solar geoengineering research enterprise might be
developed in a way that promotes legitimacy as well as scientific
credibility and policy relevance. We highlight the distinctive
responsibilities of researchers and research funders to ensure that solar
geoengineering research proposals are subject to legitimate societal review
and scrutiny, recommend steps they can take to strive towards legitimacy
and call on them to be explicitly open to multiple potential outcomes,
including the societal rejection or considerable alteration of the solar
geoengineering research enterprise.

This article is part of the theme issue ‘The Paris Agreement: understanding
the physical and social challenges for a warming world of 1.5°C above
pre-industrial levels'.

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