Dear Colleagues,

Last night I attended CNN's Climate Town Hall, and asked my Senator Cory Booker 
a question about solar geoengineering research.  You can see it starting at 
27:44 on
  He immediately called me "Sir," and said he did not know anything about it, 
but would find out.  Today Rutgers got an email from his office asking for more 
information and I will explain what it is and why we need more resources for 

I did not intend to embarrass him.  I submitted the same question to CNN to be 
asked of all 10 candidates, and they decided to invite me and have me ask it of 
my own Senator.  I spent 4 hours in the audience listening to Biden, Sanders, 
Warren, Buttigieg, O'Rourke, and Booker, and was the last person to ask a 
question.  It was a long time, but very interesting.  Mine was the only 
geoengineering question.  Booker referenced one, and it must have been to one 
of the four other candidates who appeared before my 4 hours.

The other interesting email I got today was the one below.  How do you 
recommend I answer?   My plan is to say that appearing there would give 
legitimacy to a "debate" about settled science.  I have not debated global 
warming deniers for years now for this reason.


Alan Robock, Distinguished Professor
  Associate Editor, Reviews of Geophysics
Department of Environmental Sciences             Phone: +1-848-932-5751
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Subject:        INVITATION: Sept. 23 Debate on Global Climate Change and Need 
for Action
Date:   Thu, 5 Sep 2019 13:11:59 +0000
From:   Jim Lakely <><>

Dr. Robock,

[NOTE: This letter is sent on behalf of Frank Lasée, president of The Heartland 

In the wake of your excellent public performance on CNN last night, The 
Heartland Institute would like to invite you to participate in an interactive 
discussion and debate on climate change in New York City on September 23 in 
conjunction with the United Nations Climate Action Summit. The goal of the 
Heartland Institute event is to broaden public knowledge about the most 
important and most discussed issues related to climate change.

The event will feature up to five climate experts and policymakers who warn of 
an imminent climate crisis, and up to five climate experts and policymakers who 
are skeptical of an asserted crisis. Each evenly matched side will be given 
equal time to make their case in a live event streamed globally on YouTube. 
Each participant will be given time to make an opening statement as well as 
answer questions posed by a moderator. One participant from each side will be 
allowed to present a final summary.

We welcome suggested questions from each side. The moderator’s questions may 
also include:

•  Does the world really have just 12 years left to radically transform our 
lifestyles and energy sources to prevent unstoppable and catastrophic climate 

•  Will melting glaciers release cataclysmic ancient diseases?

•  How have United Nations climate models fared in their temperature 

•  How much of the observed warming is caused by people and how much is caused 
by nature?

•  Is climate change making extreme weather events more frequent and severe?

•  Is climate change causing a refugee crisis?

•  Is observed climate change already harming food production?

•  What observational evidence would induce you to change your current position 
on the causes and consequences of climate change?

•  Would action by the United States or Western democracies have much impact 
without substantial reductions from China and other rapidly developing nations?

•  Is it possible for scientists with differing views to cooperate together 
rather than form isolated camps?

The Heartland Institute will cover all of your travel expenses and will 
contribute $1,000 to the charity of your choice in lieu of a personal 
honorarium. We hope this event will provide a valuable public service by 
increasing public knowledge on key climate change issues and also bringing 
together scientists from all perspectives to facilitate greater future 
cooperation and scientific advancement.


Frank Lasée


The Heartland Institute


Jim Lakely

Director of Communications

The Heartland Institute

3939 North Wilke Road

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

o: 312-377-4000

f: 312-277-4122

c: 312-731-9364

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