Hello Geonet,

Spring is right around the corner here in the UK and so too is exploration 
season!  Brush off the hiking boots and compasses GPS and get a head start by 
catching up on some fresh new discussions in the Geonet Forum:

Ever wonder how the shaded relief grid is calculated, or want to learn how to 
create an alternative? <http://bit.ly/2Fvixkz>

Learn something new about RIP (reconnaissance IP) and VOXI 

Miss the latest UXO Webinar?  Get the link to the recording and watch at your 

Share your field GPS experience.<http://bit.ly/2I5AVz1>

For those of you whose exploration season never really ends, even better. Grab 
a cup of tea and pull up the Geonet forum for a well deserved break and join 
the conversation!

Remember that the My Geosoft Geonet Forum is open to everyone.  All you need is 
a Geosoft ID.  Any problems signing in or accessing the forum links above, 
please let me know.


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