#988: Doxygen error check with cmake build
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Comment (by nila):

 I'm glad you appreciate it :)

 "Not documented" warnings are *very* numerous, in fact I ticked that
 Doxygen flag fixing less common warnings earlier this year.

 The invalid tags comes from updating Doxyfile from 1.2.15 (!) to 1.8.14
 with [https://git.osgeo.org/gitea/geos/geos/pulls/81]. There are lags of
 varying degrees on different platforms in regard to Doxygen version,
 therefore I believe it would be difficult to reach an optimal solution.
 (The official [https://geos.osgeo.org/doxygen/] documentation is generated
 with v1.8.8 from 2014). I don't think it has a major impact on the result
 (although I did notice unexpected result on the official documentation
 compared with what I had locally, but that was not necessarily due to
 invalid tags).

 The reason @strk implemented the check (see: geos/Makefile.am:doxygen-
 checked) actively running (successfully!) on Drone, the way he did, I can
 only speculate. Above mentioned pull request mirrors its implementation.

 I'm aware of the GitHub possibilities, but I didn't want – at this stage –
 to push for changes in CI build-files in this PR/commit (the
 implementation introduced a new build target {{{make doxygen-checked}}}
 (again autotools mirrored), that's why {{{make docs}}} would not do).

 Open for suggestions for how to proceed...

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