Dear geos-devel community,

I'm a developer working on UWP, Android and iOS apps using the Xamarin
framework and Entity Framework Core.
I'm working on building spatialite for Android, which depends on the geos
As far as I can tell LGPL is problematic for the Android and Apples App
Store so I was wondering if there is a way to license it in a way that
allows to create Android and IOS Applications without getting a headache
because there are no clear answers if this is allowed or not (Maybe add the
possibility that you can change the licence to i.e. MPL as long as it's put
on the Apple or Android Stores,...).
I've been wondering if it's ok to just share a source of the app somewhere
but it seems all in all still very sketchy and questionable if this will
hold up in court if anyone ever complains (I'm working for a very small
company with only 3 full time developers and we've been sued several times
for no reason at all other than trying to hamper our company so they can
get our customers,... very questionable strategy since we've always played

I hope you can help me with this.
Thanks in advance!
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