Sounds good to me.  You releasing today?


I was going to do a stress test before PostGIS 3.0 beta1 release, so would be 
good to test with what you publish.


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Hearing no objections I am going to roll a 3.8.0beta1. I will call for a real 
vote on final 3.8.0 later next week.




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If we are going to try and sneak 3.8 under the Pg12/PostGIS3 release, we should 
probably roll 3.8 out pretty darn fast. Thank you for triaging your tickets, we 
are down to a nice small list!


The remaining tickets still represent some changes, but there are PR's ready to 
merge if we wish, or we can just punt them forward to 3.9 if we don't want to 
risk it.


Does anyone object to a fast 3.8 beta?



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