The GeoServer team is happy to announce
<> the
release of GeoServer 2.9.2:


This is the new stable release suitable for use in production systems.

Security considerations:

   - The default security configuration restricts editing of data,
   requiring administrator access for WFS Transaction operations.
   - XXE vulnerability has been resolved in the GeoTools library

Highlights of this release:

   - The macOS DMG is now signed by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation
   - Style icons can now be referenced by URL in both the global styles
   folder and workspace styles folders.
   - WMTS improved with both a web admin page and “virtual service” support
   providing a WMTS for each workspace.
   - The INSPIRE extension now supports WMTS capabilities document. Upon
   installation of the INSPIRE extension the INSPIRE WMTS grid is now
   - Embedded GeoWebCache now supports mbtiles based tile storage.
   - Improvements to image mosaic documentation with more examples.
   - Support for “JPEG or PNG “output format, dynamically choosing the best
   format based on image transparency
   - Lots of bug fixes
   - For more information about GeoServer 2.9.2 refer to release notes (
    | 2.9.1
    | 2.9.0
    | RC1
    | beta2
    | beta
    | M0

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release!

Please note that no additional releases of GeoServer 2.8 are scheduled, we
encourage all users to upgrade to GeoServer 2.9.2 at this time.
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