This year OSGeo provided funding for the GeoServer code sprint and for 
legal advice on GeoTools copyright headers. The sprint was very 
successful and resulted in the Wicket upgrade, and the legal advice 
helped sort out our copyright header rules.

One issue that came up at this week's committee meeting is a request 
from the OSGeo board for a budget for 2017. A budget helps both OSGeo 
and the GeoTools and GeoServer communities to plan. If we can think of 
activities that we would like OSGeo to support, we can request a budget 
ahead of time, and have a much better idea of the funding that is available.

What do we want to do in 2017 to advance GeoTools and GeoServer? Another 
sprint? Please share your ideas.

Kind regards,

Ben Caradoc-Davies <>
Transient Software Limited <>
New Zealand

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