In an attempt to fix the stability of of Travis builds, I have set Maven -Xmx512m for all active GeoServer branches.

Builds that passed were using over 1.6 GB peak Maven heap: add on four concurrent forked -Xmx512m test JVMs and you can see that we were dangerously close to the 4 GB container RAM limit. Java 8 server VMs default to 1/4 RAM as default max heap; on Travis infrastructure this might have been 16 GB! Because we now fork javac, we do not need as much heap for Maven itself. Hopefully setting -Xmx512m will give us some breathing space.

Unlike earlier releases, the current Travis configuration respects env/MAVEN_OPTS so I used it instead of ~/.mavenrc (although I tested both).

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Ben Caradoc-Davies <>
Transient Software Limited <>
New Zealand

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