*Attending:Torben BarsballeKevin SmithBrad HardsJody GarnettAgenda - Change
in release procedures- Release train- Sourceforge issues (and
alternatives)Previous Meetings Actions: - Java Jigsaw Compatibility - Take
this to a technical debt page, it is not acting like a proposal -
TODOActions: - Torben: Java Jigsaw Compatibility - Take this to a technical
debt page, it is not acting like a proposal- Make GSIP for forking on Beta
instead of RC. - All: Further mailing list discussion- Add note on security
fix procedures to release docs- Jody/Kevin/Torben: 2.13-RC release- Torben:
Ask for 2.13.0 release volunteers on mailing list- Jody: Proposal for
jsr-275 units library upgrade- Torben: Start mailing list discussion for
SourceForge exit strategyMeeting notesJody asked about release schedule. We
have the Beta out
in release proceduresWe should write down how to gradually announce
security fixes in our release announcements. - Mention when a release
includes an initial security fix- When fix is available in stable and
maintenance we can fill in details (editing prior blog post)- Action: Add
this to release docsFork on Beta instead of RCMailing list thread:
- https://github.com/geotools/geotools/pull/1811
<https://github.com/geoserver/geoserver/pull/2763>Action: GSIP
PendingDiscussion - If we fork a new branch at this point we may as well
just call it a release candidate.- Q: What is more likely to get people to
test it - "beta" or "RC"? Action: Discuss on mailing list- Going straight
to release candidate is kind of warranted, our code is pretty stable at
this point.- Do we still want to have a release after two weeks (what was
previously the RC)? … If there are enough bugfixes to make it worthwhile.
Action: Add this to the above PRs- Do we want to branch a month in advance
- Yes, this puts a firm deadline on new features, while still giving time
to fix any bugs introduced by said new features- This change also means we
“give up” having a code freeze (forcing developers to down tools and focus
on release issues).- Should make sure to include a bug stomp in the “code
freeze”? Actually it works out this way - release is on the 18th, bug stomp
is last Friday of the monthRelease Train2.13-beta was released on February
20/21, and we branched of of master at that time.2.13-RC1 should be going
out this week - volunteers: Jody (GeoTools), Kevin (GeoWebCache), Torben
(GeoServer).See above for discussion on whether the 2-week release is still
necessary (conclusion: only if there are sufficient bugfixes)2.13.0 release
- need volunteers. Action: Ask on mailing list.FOSS4G-NADates: 14-16 May,
17th for workshops / community dayTalks accepted:  State of GeoServer,
State of GeoWebCache,  Need to develop slide decks. Should include recent
changes and roadmap of planned changes.  Please let us know if there’s
anything you want to highlight.Possibly some Java 9 migration work on the
community day, around developers’ workshop attendance as
applicable.SourceForge IssuesSourceForge had outages / reduced service
during the week of the 2.13-beta release.This caused: - Delays on mailing
list discussions and announcements (including the release announcement), -
Loss of all download statistics for the release, so we don't know how many
people are downloading / testing it.Once again, this brings up the topic of
whether we should consider something a bit more reliable than sourceforge
for hosting mailing lists and release artifacts: - Mailing lists - OSGeo
hosted list?- Release artifacts: GitHub- Can access minimal download
statistics via:
- so there is at least an API endpoint.- No OS breakdown- GeoTools Proposal
(2015): https://github.com/geotools/geotools/wiki/SourceForge-exit-strategy
<https://github.com/geotools/geotools/wiki/SourceForge-exit-strategy> -
Action: Start mailing list discussion, starting with GeoTools
(low-risk)Sprint Planning - OGC WFS 3.0: Andrea is attending remotely this
week, asked for a community module- OSGeo Bonn: Jody is attending, may look
at replacing our pre-jsr-275 units library- Concerned this will prevent us
running on Java 10 even with all the “jigsaw” workarounds- Can look at
GeoToolkit which has already migrated to new units library replacement-
Action: A proposal will be needed to write down the specifics!- FOSS4G-NA-
Who is attending? Thursday is a combined workshops/community day …- Kevin?
Hopes so, has talks accepted- Jody? Hopes so, has talks accepted- Torben?
Maybe, would be nice to help with talks (no talks accepted)- Brad? Maybe
coming in to the US for another conf.- And more?- There are no GeoServer or
GeoTools workshops, anyone want to sprint …- Sprint Java 10? Or join a WFS
3.0 sprint …Pull requests:OSGeo Logo
<https://github.com/geotools/geotools/pull/1819> *

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