*SourceForge had outages / reduced service during the week of the GeoTools
19-beta / GeoServer 2.13-beta release.This caused: - Delays on mailing list
discussions and announcements (including the release announcement), - Loss
of all download statistics for the release, so we don't know how many
people are downloading / testing it.Once again, this brings up the topic of
whether we should consider something a bit more reliable than sourceforge
for hosting mailing lists and release artifacts. There is a preexisting
migration proposal here:
<https://github.com/geotools/geotools/wiki/SourceForge-exit-strategy> One
suggestion was to start by migrating the GeoTools project (As it is a
lower-risk migration, given that most people get there artifacts via
maven), and use that to determine feasibility of migrating the GeoServer
project.Any thoughts?Torben*
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