We are happy to announce the release of GeoServer 2.10-beta
Downloads are available (zip
and exe
along with docs and extensions.

This is a beta release of GeoServer made in conjunction with GeoTools
Beta Testing

The GeoServer Team has been hard at work to bring you this beta release.

Here is our priorities for testing:

   - Updated GeoServer Style Editor
   - Module Status
   REST endpoint
   - CSS Extension – Nested rule
and rendering

We one crititcal known issues to keep in mind when testing:

   - GEOS-7750 <https://osgeo-org.atlassian.net/browse/GEOS-7750> – The WMS
   and LegendSample beans used in GeoServerTileLayer may provoke a cyclic
   dependency when Spring beans are loaded. As a consequence *tiled layers
   may not be loaded and are deleted* by GWC integration. Please back up
   your data and configuration before testing the GeoServer 2.10-beta with
   data you care about.

Highlights from the release notes:

   - Add CSS nested rule support
   - Add CSS rendering transform support
   - Add WMTS multi dimensional community module
   - Add WCS 2.0 Demo Requests
   - OL3 Preview in tiled mode supports map wrapping
   - Make JDBCStore compatible with HazelCast Clustering
   - Changes to WMS GetFeatureInfo for coverages:
      - Band names now presented in responses as NCNames for all
      info_formats (spaces and leading digits replaced with underscores)
      - Support for continuous map wrapping for latitude/longitude
      - Support for coverages with native latitude/longitude coordinates
      and longitudes > 180 degrees East

Also, looking at the GeoTools 16-M0 release notes, we have:

   - Support Azimuthal Equidistant projection
   - Implement Vladimir’s Polygon label point algorithim
   - GeoPackage can write to boolean fields

For more information about the what is included in the GeoServer 2.10
release, also refer to the GeoServer 2.10-M0 release anouncement
Security Considerations

This release includes several security enhancements (which are also
included in the recent GeoServer 2.8.5
<http://blog.geoserver.org/2016/08/12/geoserver-2-8-5-released/> and 2.9.1
<http://blog.geoserver.org/2016/08/05/geoserver-2-9-1-released/> releases

   - Although we have not been able to reproduce from GeoServer, a remote
   execution vulnerability has been reported against both the Restlet  and the
   Apache Commons BeanUtils libraries we use. We have patched our use of these
   libraries as a preventative measure. We would like to thank Kevin Smith for
   doing the bulk of the work, and Andrea Aime for providing a patched
   BeanUtils library addressing these vulnerabilities.
   - Layer security restrictions in CHALLENGE mode were not being correctly
   applied by embedded GeoWebCache. Thanks to Nick Muerdter for his
   responsible report of this vulnerability and for submitting a fix (that
   included a unit test!)
   - Carl Schroedl reported a vulnerability at application startup when
   working with a data directory on a network file system, a new configuration
   been provided to check that the directory exists.  Thanks to Carl for
   following our responsible disclosure procedure, and to Ben Caradoc-Davies
   for implementing the new parameter.

If you wish to report a security vulnerability, please visit our website
for instructions on responsible reporting <http://geoserver.org/issues/>.
About GeoServer 2.10

GeoServer 2.10 is scheduled for October release.
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