> We are ingesting NTIFs and converting them to GeoTiffs using:
> gdalwarp -t_srs EPSG:4326 -dstalpha -tps
NITF? Or some other format?

What does the source and destination metadata show? (e.g. from gdalinfo)

> Then, when only 1 of the geotiffs are being displayed the colors are not
> distorted.  However, once we switch to 2 or more being displayed, the
> become distorted.
How are you loading the GeoTIFFs into geoserver? How are you displaying
For example, are you doing some kind of mosaic on the server side?

What do you mean by a colour being "distorted"?
Are you seeing band swaps, or are you seeing colours that are shifted (e.g.
lighter or darker)?

> If we don't process the NTIFs to have the extra space be transparent from
> the alpha band, the extra space will instead have "data" and be displayed
> correctly no matter how many geotiff's are displayed.
What does "extra space" mean in this context?
Is this NODATA (NITF pad pixels or masked blocks)?

> Is this just how the geotiff's are displayed or is there some
configuration that
> can prevent colors from being distorted?
Sounds like something is going wrong, but where is hard to say. Could be:
* conversion
* loading to geoserver
* geoserver bug
* client bug
* misconfiguration between all of those

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