Quick Q:

I know how to create a workspace, create a datastore, import data and apply
a stylesheet - all is fine, but I have to create 4 different requests to
accomplish that (if I'm using CURL) - I would like to know if it's possible
to wrap all 4 of those requests into a single request? A XML document with
the creating workspace, creating datastore, importing, creating/applying
style in one single request?

Yes I understand 1 or more of the 4 could fail but that's ok as long as I
have a decent response coming back from the server I can fix that.

The reason I ask is that I'm doing a load of async calls from C# using the
webclient and the async calls can represent a challenge in what is being
returned when so ordering is tricky...I was hoping I can wrap up the entire
set of requests as 1 request? My C# knowledge is basic but workable...

Just curious before Plan B :)

Many thanks,
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