Hi all,

I'm migrating a bunch of our services and data to GeoServer (2.8.4, 
We have a quite large raster store here. It consists of some hundreds of 
thousands of TIFF files with their accompanying TFW worldfile.
They are all in the same projection.

I thought it would be easy to configure an ImageMosaic with this data 
since all the needed information is already stored in a PostGIS 
database, but I have an issue because our TIFFs are not GeoTIFFs, and 
they also don't have a PRJ file.

I could create a PRJ file for every TIFF, but that would mean a lot of 
wasted space (and time). I could also convert all of them to GeoTIFF, 
but that's a hard work. I have yet to find a tool that *modifies* a TIFF 
to make it a GeoTIFF. All the tools I've found make copy of images (i.e. 
  create a new GeoTIFF file instead of converting the TIFF to GeoTIFF).
This does not integrate well in our processes at all.

Is there a way to setup my datastore so that GeoServer doesn't look for 
a PRJ file and just uses a projection that I would hardcode somewhere ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

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