While I love the Recode function, there is one problem with it. There is 
no (obvious) way to define a value to use if none of the 'data' items 
matches the 'lookupValue', and the current structure doesn't lend itself 
to adding one.  I can see three potential ways to solve this

1) Change the definition of the 'data' element to be compared using 
Regular Expression syntax to the lookupValue, or

2) Add a attribute to the Function element called something like 
'default'.  If no match is found in the data elements, use the value it 
specifies as the content.

3) Define a special value/position for the data element that would be 
treated as the default if found.  For example, if the last data item in 
the list was the literal value 'default' then use if no other earlier match.

The first item is likely too large a change to current/expected 
behavior, so at best I can see this as a new 'RecodeRegEx' function or 

The second item is the one I like best, but I don't know if the 
applicable standard would allow (of could be changed to allow) 
attributes for the Function element.

The third option is likely the easiest, but I don't particularly like 
special cases of this nature - too easy to cause unexpected behaviors.

So does anyone else have similar thoughts, and/or other ideas on how to 
deal with this?

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