On 09/08/17 04:52, Gavin Medley wrote:
I have the data for siteName and iersDOMESNumber in Table1 and the data for
monumentDescription and heightOfTheMonument in Table2. Can I use a single
XML mapping file to map those two tables to the elements of

No, there is a one-to-one relationship between a feature type and the database relation that provides its identity.

The two workarounds that I have considered are 1) Making a new
feature-chained mapping file for each element that needs to be mapped
(ugh!) or 2) making a new view or table to bring in any data that needs to
be mapped to the same level of the XML schema.
What would you suggest?

If the attributes are single-valued, then a database view or table is an excellent solution: fast and simple. This is also an opportunity to use fast database-side string concatenation to construct identifiers such as gml:id or HTTP URIs. You can even index them for performance.

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