I've inherited a geoserver without any prior knowledge about it's workings.
The Geoserver version is 2.11.2.
JVM 1.8.0_151
Tomcat 9.0.0.M26

My problem is that for some layers the geometry is not recognized when 
accessing trough the WFS service. WMS works for all, but WFS only for some of 
the layers.
I've checked the configuration of the stores, the workspaces, and the layers 
themselves, and they're identical.  Even the used schemas are technically the 
The store type for all is directory of shapefiles.
Yet for some reason when I connect to the offending layers (for example trough 
QGIS) it returns a layer without geometry. And the geometry field is listed as 
a data field on the layer properties page. (See attached screenshot).

At this point I'm completely stuck, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Gabor Takacs
Survey Department Budapest
H-1112 Budapest, Repülõtéri út 2.
+36 20 426 1151
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