I tried searching the archives for this but I might not be using the right
keywords so here it goes...

I'm using Geoserver to expose a WMS layer containing some point data. I can
use OL/Leaflet/GMaps to display my tiles and it all works perfectly.

Now I wanted some way to know where point features are inside each tile so
I could change the mouse cursor when hovering them. I came across an
implementation of such functionality at http://mapas.sapo.pt. Here's a
sample request:


seem to have implemented a custom WMS operation called GetFeatureBounds and
then have some custom JS on top of OL to listen for mousemove events and
constantly checking if the cursor is hovering one of the point's bboxes.

I know I could achieve something similar by querying for points via WFS and
then creating Markers on the frontend code and adding them to the map but I
believe that for a certain number of points, the other strategy could have
performance advantages over having lots of DOM elements (representing the
markers) on the map.

I think there's no solution out-of-the-box but am curious as to if anyone
ever tried developing something similar? A starting point I think could be
trying to hack the ImageMap plugin to change it's output to something
similar to what the above URL gives.

Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

Thank you

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