Hi Guys

           We have recently been experimenting with the Geoserver WPS
module with some great results e.g using the BarnesSurface interpolation
process on some point data, cropping the resultant raster and importing as
a new coverage into Geoserver. It’s an extremely powerful engine once you
start combining and chaining processes and I’m hoping to write up some of
our experiences soon. Based on this work, I have a current use-case that
requires some grid arithmetic/algebra. Something like (CONSTANT –
rasterValue) * UserVariable -> newRaster.

I’ve scoured the web, docs, mailing lists to see if this may be possible
using Geoserver and WPS. This led me to the JAI-EXT project which appears
to have operations that would be suitable. I’ve followed the instructions
to enable the library and I can now see the JAI/JAIExt Setup panel in the
Image processing page.  What I’m not clear on is the next step, or indeed
if I’ve missed the point entirely. From my reading, I believe the project
to replace JAI is a work in progress so it might be as simple as we need to
move to the latest Geoserver version (or wait for a future one). However,
assuming it is working, how would we go about registering one or more of
the additional processes so they are available to the WPS module? Or is
this something being worked on by others? The ‘Math operation with
Constant’ seems like the operation I need, although If I look at the
JAI-ext github it refers to jt-algebra. I’ve scanned over the tutorial(s)
on GeoTools
http://docs.geotools.org/stable/userguide/tutorial/raster/jaiext.html but
we don’t currently have a java developer in the team so this may limit what
is possible for us.  Happy to contribute if we can.

System Information---------------------

GeoServer Version: 2.11.1 / Tomcat 8

java version "1.8.0_111"

Ubuntu 16.04.1 (64-Bit)

Please note: I haven’t reviewed the startup logs in detail since the
configuration change to enable JAI-ext so if it’s likely to be a
configuration issue I can do some more digging.




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