Hi all.

I'm trying to generate vector tiles with GeoServer in batch mode but I don't 
get it. I wonder if somebody in the list could help me.

If I Click Tile Layers and choose Preview (EPSG: 4226 /geojson, for example) I 
can view the layer, and the tiles are stored in their correct path, but I can't 
generate vector tiles in batch mode.

·         I've installed Vector Tiles Extension.

·         I select Tile Layers under Tile Caching, select my layer and check 
the boxes for the following vector tile formats:

o   application/json;type=geojson

o   application/json;type=topojson

o   application/x-protobuf;type=mapbox-vector

·         I Click Tile Layers again and in the row for <MyLayer,> click 

·         I fill out the form to create a new task as shown in the image below


When I click Submit button, nothing happens:

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.



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