I am completely new to geoserver so any guidance is helpful.

I am running geoserver 2.13.0 on windows. I have CDARG Map data I am trying
to load. So I try to create a new "Store" for it and I am asked to select a
Data Source but I am not sure what my data source is or how to import it.

Since its CDARG I am assuming its one of the Raster Sources. However each
one has a Connection parameter file:data/example.extension and I am not
sure what to browse for or which one to select

My Directory structor looks like this

   - CMB_RPF_TLM50.mdb
   - CMB_RPF_TLM50.idb
   - esri.idb
      - Images
      - _RPF
         - CDRG
            - TLM50
               - RPF
                  - A.TOC
                  - Data
                     - *.tl1

I also have a TML100 set as well

any help on how to get me started would be greatly appreciated!

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