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> Hello Everyone
> I am seeking advise regarding displaying pictures in the popup.
> I did create a popup and also changed the template as per this tutorial,
> http://docs.geoserver.org/latest/en/user/tutorials/
> GetFeatureInfo/index.html
> My challenge is I cannot find this directory being refered to here in
> Geoserver
> workspaces/topp/DS_poi/poi

That is a reference to the layer with the points of interest in the example
- you should replace that with the <workspace> name of your data (for topp)
and the name of your <DataStore> for DS_poi and the name of your <feature
type> for poi

> I am assuming it is this directory on my computer,
> C:\Program Files (x86)\GeoServer 2.12.1\data_dir\workspaces\
> topp\states_shapefile\states
> under this directory there are five files
> description.ftl
> featuretype.xml
> layer.xml
> title.ftl
> I am hoping it is the featuretype.xml file being referred to in the
> tutorial? my question, where do I paste the code being referred to in this
> tutorial in the xml file? Can I display my pictures straight from the
> attribute table or I need to do some other settings.
Never, ever (even in fun) change the  featuretype.xml file it will break
GeoServer's ability to display your data. You should be editing the
content.ftl file

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