sorry, I've been on vacations for the last three weeks, so I missed this

Have you manage to get enough talk for a track again?

Looking forward to meet you again in Sevilla ;-)


On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 10:14 AM, Martin Desruisseaux <
martin.desruisse...@geomatys.com> wrote:

> Hello Ingo
> Thanks for developing a talk submission, I would be very interested to
> see all the topic you mentioned. If there is any use, I could volunteer
> for contributing a sub-part of the API part. Not in the WebAPI part, but
> I could propose some content for the "API in declarative code" part if
> there is an interest for that.
>     Martin
> Le 05/09/16 à 12:46, Ingo Simonis a écrit :
> > Martin,
> >
> > your proposal perfectly matches ideas we discussed in OGC:)
> >
> > I will address the recent discussions we have in OGC around Big Data
> > and APIs. We hope to address this topic further in the next
> > interoperability program initiative Testbed-13. Just going to develop
> > the talk submission. Would be great to discuss these topics in
> > Sevilla: What APIs do we need? How to integrate Big Data with
> > standardized services? How much of the "service" idea needs to
> > survive? How do we integrate across the Big Data centers operated by
> > the e.g. various space agencies?
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Ingo

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