The GeoTools team is pleased to announce GeoTools 15.2.


This release is also available from our Maven repository
<>. This release is made in
conjunction with GeoWebCache 1.9.2 and GeoServer 2.9.2. We would like to
thank those who have contributed fixes and features to this release.

GeoTools 15.2 is the latest stable release of the 15.x series and is
recommended for all new projects.

Security considerations:

   - The library now defaults to using PreventLocalEntityResolver for
   improved security. For more details (and how to disable this behavior)
   please see the GeoTools user guide

Features and Improvements:

   - Styling improvements include support for SE 1.1 external marks (with
   mark index)
   - Parsing hints can now be provided for WMS and WFS clients (entity
   resolver hint and and DTD disabling hint provided).
   - Overview policy parameter now available for ImageMosaic.
   - Support for integrated water column climatological time in NetCDF files
   - ImagePyramid support for multiple coverages

Bug Fixes:

   - SLD graphics now correctly handle mix of mark and external graphic
   choosing the first one supported.
   - External marks with mark index fixes for both copying and SE 1.1

For more information please see the release notes (15.2
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