I have been using geotools with Java 1.8.  When I now build and run using
java 9, construction of a StreamingRenderer object causes a

I have a simple code sample that has a similar problem shown below

When running under Java 1.8 I can set a breakpoint on the new
StreamingRenderer() and single step into function main - everything works

If I run with java 9 it never gets past this the StreamRenderer
construction.  I have updated all my geotools libraries to 18.2 without
Is there still Java 9 work to be done on the geotools libraries?

public class MyTest {
private static StreamingRenderer renderer = new StreamingRenderer();  // <
set break point here and signal step
private static int paul;   // never get to a break point here if Java 9

public static void main(String[] args) {
int x = 0;
StreamingRenderer y = renderer;
x += 1;   // put break point here - all works in Java 1.8,
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