Follow up to today's meeting; starting up GeoTools 19-RC1 release process.

Checking we have the following revisions:

version = 2.13-SNAPSHOT
git revision = 8076e00b2dec74350d9384280b44dbb9edbab04a
git branch = origin/2.13.x
build date = 06-Mar-2018 10:17
geotools version = 19-SNAPSHOT
geotools revision = *b167e48ce63cfa2bb1f8d140509b8f29e4e3f3c7*
geowebcache version = 1.13-SNAPSHOT
geowebcache revision = 283aabdf1d22502f2d7a86e59ad5683820c41069/283aa

I will report back when download artifacts are available for testing.
Jody Garnett
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