Gep-ed listers:

Thanks to those who responded to my list query asking for material about the 
Reagan and GW Bush administrations (original post below). Compilation of 
responses is attached. I realize my request came when many folks were 
preoccupied with the climate COP--if anyone has additional thoughts just let me 
know and I'll update the list...kc

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Sent: Friday, November 11, 2016 4:50 PM
Subject: [gep-ed] looking for good political material from Reagan and GW Bush 

Gep-ed: I would welcome suggestions on good, politically focused environmental 
histories of Reagan's first term and GW Bush's first term, for obvious reasons. 
Please reply directly to me at<> 
and I will share a list back to the full group. Many of our students are trying 
to figure out what this means, for the planet and their own life and career 
choices, and it would be great to give them some historical context. I need it, 
too. Thanks....Ken Conca

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