Dear Colleagues,

In light of the Volkswagen scandal two years ago and recent revelations that 
"dieselgate" was the product of a secret cartel far beyond Volkswagen, there 
might perhaps be renewed interest in our 2014 article about the very 
complicated making and implementation of EU legislation to reduce carbon 
emissions (not NOx) from passenger cars. This article, published in Review of 
Policy Research, is available here (subscribers only):

Just send me an email if you would like a PDF of the article.

If you rather would like to read the new report about "dieselgate", see Der 
Spiegel (German, paywall) - also picked up by a number of English-language news 

All best,

Lars H. Gulbrandsen, PhD
Deputy Director and Research Professor
Fridtjof Nansen Institute
P.O. Box 326, 1326 Lysaker, Norway
Tel. (+47) 975 40 217<>

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