Dear Colleagues,

We hope this finds you all well! The Nominations Committee of the ISA 
Environmental Studies Section (ESS) invites nominations for a number of Section 

These include:

Executive Committee (6 members, rolling 2-year terms): 3 vacancies
Nominations Committee (4 members, rolling 2-year terms): 2 vacancies
Sprout Committee Members (5 members, rolling 2-year terms): 2 vacancies
Global Environmental Politics Representative (1 member, 3 year term): 1 vacancy
Outreach Committee (4 members, rolling 2-year terms): 4 vacancies


Self-nominations are welcome. If you choose to nominate a colleague, please 
ensure that the person you are nominating is willing to stand for election. 
Please note, as well, that all those standing for election must be members of 
the ESS. If you aren’t sure whether you are a member of ESS, you can check your 
membership status on your ISA website account.

For the ballot, we will require a short biographical sketch (100-150 words). 
When self-nominating, please send this to us directly. For colleagues whom you 
nominate, please provide us with her/his professional affiliation and full 
contact information -- nominated colleagues will be contacted by the committee 
to request short biographical sketches.

Please send nominations to any of the current members of the Nominations 
Committee by Friday March 2nd, 2018. We will hold online pre-ISA voting between 
March 12th and April 2nd, and in-person voting at the ISA ESS meeting during 
the conference in San Francisco.

This year's Nomination Committee members are:

Deborah Barros Leal Farias (2018)<>
Kimberly R. Marion Suiseeya (2018)<>
Charlie Roger (2019)<>
David Gordon (2019)<>

Best regards,
The Nominations Committee

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