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with profuse apologies for cross-posting and self promotion!

My paper on the ideas and ideology of (neo) extractivism is out in 
Geoforum! this is a very dear project that took a long time to complete 
--the idea dates back to 2011... I show the striking resonance between the 
ideas expressed in a mural by Walter Solon (thanks Pablo Solon 
<> for the permission to reproduce the mural) 
and the current political discourse in Bolivia. The catch is that he mural 
dates back to 1956 and helps to show how the ideology of development based 
on extractive industries has produced fantasies of development, rather than 
actual development, already in the past.
Thanks for the supportive and intelligent comments of the anonymous 
referees. The paper is Open Access and, at the very least, the pictures are 
nice. Enjoy and any comment is welcome! 


Pellegrini, L. (2018). "Imaginaries of development through extraction: The 
‘History of Bolivian Petroleum’ and the present view of the future." 
Geoforum 90: 130-141.

Lorenzo Pellegrini, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics of Environment and Development
International Institute of Social Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam
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2518 AX
The Hague, Netherlands
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