Several scholars on this list study nonprofits/NGOs and have written on 
governance failures. The article
we published on the Oxfam scandal in the Washington Post/Monkey Cage Today 
might interest them:
The Oxfam scandal shows that, yes, nonprofits can behave badly. So why aren’t 
they overseen like for-profits?

The civic sector plays an important role in the contemporary society.Yet, the 
Oxfam scandal (and other scandals that are now getting revealed as well as the 
cover-up at Oxfam since 2011 of the Haiti episode) raises serious questions 
about our theoretical understanding of the NGO/nonprofit sector. 

Yes, this is not the first scandal. Nevertheless, if a moral leader such as 
Oxfam has serious governance failures, we should seriously examine our 
conception of the NGO/NPO sector -- with the intent to reform it. To do so, we 
need to study both the successes and failures of NPO/NGO governance.



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