Dear colleagues,

James Meadowcroft and I are putting together a panel or two for the *2018
Utrecht Conference on Earth System Governance*  in November 2018. If you
would like to participate please send an abstract of less than 400 words to
me ( by *12 March.*

*Call for panelists - Conceptual Foundations of Earth System Governance*
This panel will bring together new research on key concepts that frame
international discussion of environmental governance challenges in the
21st century.
It is concerned with understanding, critically interrogating, and refining
concepts that increasingly provide the foundation for contemporary theory
and practice in the environmental domain, including notions such as:
ecosystem services, ‘Anthropocene’, ‘planetary boundaries’,  ‘resilience’,
‘the green economy’, and the 'transition to a low carbon economy'. Major
political and social change is typically accompanied by innovation in the
thought categories we use to make sense of the world, frame arguments,
organize collective action, and establish new institutional practices. The
papers in this panel will advance our understanding of how conceptual
change takes place in the environmental domain and what are its practical
implications for environmental governance. The discussion will aim to move
beyond arguments about individual concepts, to examine the process and
significance of conceptual innovation in the environmental realm. How and
why does this innovation take place? Who is making the innovations and how
do they propagate? What consequences do they have in practice for the
development of social/ecological interactions?  We welcome theoretical
papers addressing the relationship between conceptual innovation and
institutional change, as well as empirical papers addressing the
development and implications of particular concepts. We aim to include
papers on diverse concepts rather than focus discussion on just one or two
concepts. We particularly wish to attract papers addressing the impact of
environmental concepts on governance at multiple scales (global, national,
and local). We are open to research papers that are informed by a variety
of theoretical frames and methodological tools.

Best wishes,

Hayley Stevenson <>
Profesora Investigadora Asociada / Associate Professor
Departamento de Ciencia Política y Estudios Internacionales
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
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